Meet the team

We are a team guided by advanced research, unparalleled practical expertise, and driven by a passion to help our patients.

A/Prof Christian Barton

Clinical Director Physiotherapist

David Thwaites

Clinical Director, Exercise Services Lead

Prof Peter Malliaras

Physiotherapist, Tendon consultant

Ni’ia Jones

Physiotherapist, Pilates, Running injury expert

Emma Draffin

Physiotherapist. Strength and Conditioning, Pilates, Hip and Knee

Dr Mark Scholes

Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Hip and Groin Pain Consultant

Matthew Kenny

Physiotherapist, tendon injuries, running and cycling injury expert

Dr Mark Merolli

Physiotherapist, musculoskeletal pain, tendon conditions, spinal, sports injuries, adolescents, shoulder

Tim Trevail

Clinical Myotherapist, Combat Sports, Shoulder, Hip, knee, and Back Pain, Dry Needling

Skye Meredith

Myotherapist. Running related injuries, lower limb and ankle injuries.

Amy Levinge

Practice Manager