Top Marathon Preparation Tips from a Seasoned Veteran

Top Marathon Preparation Tips (from a seasoned veteran – Me!) You’ve decided to run a marathon, whether it’s been on your bucket list for years or a seasoned pro we all need to prepare. Running long distances is a physically and psychologically demanding task – although very rewarding. I have laid out my top tips […]

I had definitely injured my calf! But what part? My calf injury – part 1

So… I sustained my first calf muscle injury the other day. I was out for a slow short run and around the 3km mark started to feel a gradual build up in “tightness” on the outside of my lower right calf. I was able to continue on for the next kilometre, but the sensation started […]

Bone Stress Injuries

What are Bone Stress Injuries (BSI)? BSI are overuse injuries commonly seen in runners or active individuals. In normal individuals, when we exercise our bones experience some level of microdamage which is then remodelled. This is a normal process. When a BSI occurs, the bone remodelling cannot keep up with the level of microdamage and […]

It’s not just an ankle sprain!

It’s not just an ankle sprain!  How often have you heard ‘it’s just an ankle sprain, it’s fine nothing to worry about’?  Have you ever heard ‘oh it’s just an ACL sprain, don’t worry about it’? Both are ligament injuries that play significant roles in joint stability.  Lateral ankle sprains are one of the most […]

Returning to exercise and running after having a baby

Returning to exercise after having a baby can be exciting but also daunting. Your body has undergone immense changes over almost a year and with a new baby in the house, finding the time and energy can be challenging. Once you feel able to focus on getting moving again, it’s important to have a few […]

The Night Wrap

Although this sounds like the name of a cool Melbourne bar, it is in fact a way of treating swollen joints or inflammation around tendons (sometimes referred to paratenon inflammation or tenosynovitis). If you having issues taking anti-inflammatories, this could very well be the thing for you. A seasoned sports trainer in my early years […]

Life as an AFL Physiotherapist

Working as an AFL Sports Physiotherapist Working as a Sports Physiotherapist in the AFL can be incredibly challenging, but simultaneously, incredibly rewarding. Challenging, because the stakes are so high, yet rewarding because you are assisting the development of young elite athletes and ensuring their physical preparation is optimal, to promote performance. I am sure anyone […]

ACL Injury Decision Making: Is the knife always needed?

Updated: 20 August, 2023 A guide to surgical vs non-surgical decision making following ACL injury. It may surprise some, but not all Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries require reconstructive surgery. Many people can return to high-level activities and cope well without an ACL. The decision of which option to go for can be difficult. In […]

Complete Q&A – Caitlin Thwaites

Dave spoke to Caitlin Thwaites, a former Australian netball player and volleyballer who has won gold representing Australia in the Commonwealth Games and Netball World Cup. They discuss her experiences with preparation and strength & conditioning. In Part 1 they focus more on the pre-season, training phases and how things have changed over the 18 […]

Qualifications of a physiotherapist

Choosing the right physiotherapist for your needs can be hard. Out of all of the physiotherapists out there, which one is the best equipped and the best experienced to help you? What do the letters after their names mean? The following is a rundown of some of the kinds of qualifications a physiotherapist may have, […]

Telehealth is a viable option, even after the pandemic

Changing the way we do things is often a challenge. People are used to receiving healthcare face to face, so the switch to telehealth care during the pandemic was bound to bring up mixed feelings. Necessity is a great motivator. Regardless of the challenges thousands of patients and clinicians found themselves embarking on telehealth over […]