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Our Myotherapy service in Richmond, led by Tim Trevail and Skye Meredith, provides evidence-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. We use a wide range of evidence-based treatment approaches and skill, which in addition to manual therapy, assists with muscular pain and dysfunction.

Our great treatment outcomes start with a comprehensive assessment to understand your pain and history. Our initial consultation will usually include a conversation about the pain or injury and will be followed by a physical assessment to determine your movement quality and functional capacity.

We will discuss the relevant factors that are important to you and your recovery goals, and agree on the treatment plan. The initial consultation will usually include your first treatment aiming to control symptoms and start working to get you strong, mobile, and moving well.

Standard follow-up treatments will review your progress, and continue to build confidence to move well again. Our follow up treatments will often aim to help you move past your pain, and aim to prevent the problem returning and improve your physical wellbeing.

At Complete, our team of Myotherapists work closely with the Physiotherapy team to manage pain and restore optimal function to meet your goals.


Myotherapist Services in Richmond

  • Expert injury assessment and treatment Pain management
  • Corrective exercise rehabilitation
  • Sports injury clinical diagnosis and management
  • Manual therapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Taping and strapping
  • Running gait analysis
  • Injury prevention support

Complete. Physio Exercise Peformance’s Myotherapy service is located at 656 Bridge Rd in Richmond. Book a Myotherapy appointment online or call reception on 9882 2020.

What can you expect from our Myotherapist Service?

  • A thorough physical assessment to understand your pain
  • Consideration of biomechanical, psychological and other factors that may impact on your recovery
  • Education on the condition and shared decision making on best management options
  • Manual therapy as an adjunct to other evidence-based treatments
  • Consultation with other healthcare professionals if necessary
  • Guided and active recovery that meets your goals
Team Members

Our Team of Myotherapists

Clinical Myotherapist, Combat Sports, Shoulder, Hip, knee, and Back Pain, Dry Needling

Myotherapist. Running related injuries, lower limb and ankle injuries.

Skye Meredith is without question the best myotherapist I have had. Probably like a lot of people, I’ve seen practitioners in the past without really getting results. But, I’ve experienced improvements every time I’ve seen Skye.

– Helen S

Myotherapy Awards & Recognition

Congratulations to Skye Meredith who was awarded the 2023 Emerging Myotherapist of the Year Award by Myotherapy Association Australia. The award is presented to newly graduated Myotherapists who display qualities of innovation, dedication and commitment to their profession.

Common questions

Myotherapy FAQ

No, it won’t be a just a massage. Remedial massage can be great for people to control symptoms, but modern understanding of the evidence tells us that massage alone is unlikely to act as a long term ‘fix’ and may lead to a reliance on passive therapies. At Complete. Physio Excercise Performance, we understand that pain and injury is multi-factorial and complex, and effective treatment needs to include a range of active supports to get you back on track. Our Myotherapists will always discuss the range of treatment options with you to ensure that you have the tools to support you take control of your pain.