Our team at Complete. Physio Exercise Performance are experts in managing long term and difficult injuries. If you have suffered from an injury for many months of years, the right rehabilitation plan is essential to get you better, and keep you better. From our research and extensive experience, we know that each person requires a tailored rehabilitation program . This may entail home exercises, a gym program, clinical Pilates, consultation with an exercise physiologist, or a combination of these services.

Our expert physiotherapists will provide a thorough assessment and identify underlying contributors to your injury. Using this information, we will develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to manage and optimise recovery from your injury.

To facilitate your rehabilitation, our clinic consists of a full gym and unique Pilates equipment.

Post-surgical rehabilitation

We are the first choice physiotherapy provider for many of Melbourne’s leading orthopaedic surgeons. Working in conjunction with your surgeon, our rehabilitation programs and treatment will help you recover from your surgery, and get you back on your feet safely and as soon as possible. Following surgery, exercise rehabilitation is the primary focus to ensure full recovery, however other treatments including massage and joint mobilisation are also used to ensure and fast and pain-free recovery.

We will provide you with a detailed and effective rehabilitation plan, ensuring you have confidence in your recovery from those first steps through to a return to sport and other high level activities.

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