Hi, I’m Ni’ia

I am a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor at Complete. Physio Exercise and Performance.

After graduating from Otago University in New Zealand in 2007, I gained extensive experience from working in clinics across New Zealand, the UK and Australia.

After developing a love of running in my early 20s, both on an athletics track and off-road long distance, I naturally became interested in running injuries and how I could help runners progress through the appropriate rehab to get back to doing what they love. I incorporate a combination of run retraining, education on training loads, run programming and strength and conditioning as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

I have a strong interest in exercise rehab to manage a variety of conditions and injuries. During my career, I have completed training in Pilates and enjoy teaching individual and group classes. I find Pilates useful to help rehabilitate injuries, to improve strength and mobility, and also to support women through pregnancy and postnatal rehabilitation.

As an exercise lover and a mum of two young children, I have experienced first-hand the difficulty of regaining strength and fitness postpartum. I have since developed an interest in the importance of gradual and progressive strengthening for pelvic floor function and overall body strength and health.

Whether it’s treating a lower limb injury, back pain, or pre/postnatal clients, I value a collaborative approach in helping clients through their rehabilitation and feel that clear education, guidance and a bit of a laugh will help get them performing at their best.