Hi, I’m Dr Mark Merolli.

I’ve spent most of my clinical career working in well-established musculoskeletal and elite sports physiotherapy settings. This has helped me develop a keen interest in more complex clinical diagnositic reasoning, the rehabilitative side of injury management (incl strength & conditioning), and restoration of normal functioning.

I see a variety of musculoskeletal conditions; including but not limited to acute sports and spinal conditions, tendon pain, and getting to the root of more complex and persistent pain conditions.

Working with junior athletes and adolescents has always been a passion, in supporting them as they develop into their sports and activities. I have mentored school students and provided sports medicine education for many years.

When I’m not at the clinic, I’m a senior lecturer and research fellow at the University of Melbourne in the Doctor of Physiotherapy program. My PhD is in heath informatics, which is the application area of using information-communication technologies to support improved health and health outcomes. My expertise and interests surround the use of these technologies to support physiotherapy care. I regularly consult and teach courses on this area to other health professionals locally and internationally.

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to work with various professional sporting associations and teams, in particular: Tennis Australia and Basketball Australia, as well as various other junior and adult sporting organisations across football (AFL and Soccer).