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Complete. Physio Exercise Performance is at the forefront of musculoskeletal and sports medicine research, led by Dr Christian Barton and Dr Peter Malliaras. We are passionate about improving patient care through our research, seminars and courses. We don’t just treat patients. We also provide high quality evidence based and clinically applicable courses to other health professionals. The team has countless scientific journal and book chapter publications, and continue to be heavily involved in research in Australia and internationally.

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Lower limb tendinopathy course (1 Day)

A comprehensive course covering rehabilitation and management models for all the commonly injured tendons in the lower limb, including Achilles, gluteal (aka trochanteric bursitis), hamstring, patellar, tibialis posterior, plantar fascia. Whether you are a new graduate or very experienced clinician, you will come away with many answers to your questions as well as clinical gems to take away.

Exercise to prevent and treat lower limb tendinopathy (1 day)

The is a practical course focusing on step by step assessment and management of kinetic chain deficits, and evidence based rehabilitation strategies to prevent and treat overuse injury. Delivered by Dr Peter Malliaras, expert tendinopathy physiotherapist who sees 40-50 tendon patients per week, so this is a primarily hands on clinical rather than theory/research focused course.

Biomechanics and running courses

These highly practical courses will give you the skills and knowledge to diagnose and manage biomechanical deficits associated with running and other lower limb injuries. Courses explore ideal lower limb biomechanics, provide an overview of how common biomechanical faults link to injury, and how to identify and address them in a clinical setting. The evidence behind, and practical application of interventions including running retraining, exercise ….. (click here for more)

Patellofemoral pain rehabilitation course

Patellofemoral pain (PFP) is one of the most common injury presentation to orthopaedic, general practice and sports medicine clinics. During this course, the complex clinical reasoning required to provide an optimal management plan for the varying PFP presentations clinicians see every day will be explored. The course is taught by Dr Christian Barton who is an international expert in PFP management.