Telehealth is a viable option, even after the pandemic

Changing the way we do things is often a challenge. People are used to receiving healthcare face to face, so the switch to telehealth care during the pandemic was bound to bring up mixed feelings. Necessity is a great motivator. Regardless of the challenges thousands of patients and clinicians found themselves embarking on telehealth over […]

People with tendon pain need to be empowered with knowledge

Education is arguably the most important component of treatment for someone with tendon pain. This very brief blog goes through the major areas of knowledge that benefit people recovering from tendon pain (and many other conditions for that matter). The figure below also provides a summary of some of this information. 1) Pain and pain […]

New research exploring psychological factors and tendinopathy.

Peter Malliaras speaks in this podcast and considers some new research exploring psychological factors and tendinopathy. Click here for the short podcast.   If you have an interest in tendinopothy, and want the latest review and commentary on new clinically relevant research, follow Peter’s website here.   Listen to more Podcasts by clicking here. 

You Can Manage Your Tendon Pain Better Than Any Doctor

Tendinopathy is a painful conditions affecting many tendons such as the Achilles, lateral elbow, lateral hip and rotator cuff tendons. The more I practice and specialise in tendons, the more I realise that all I am doing is guiding you, the patient during your recovery. In fact, I do almost nothing else to get patients […]

Should I have shockwave therapy for my tendinopathy, or save my money?

Tendinopathy is common and affects many sites around the body, including the Achilles, outside of elbow (tennis elbow) and outside of hip (gluteal) tendons. People with these painful conditions often have difficulty with functions such as raising their arm, walking, running and going up and down stairs. The only treatment that is supported by strong […]

Tendinopathy: Top tips for management

There are multiple potential causes of tendinopathy, so as you can guess, there are also multiple potential treatments. The most evidence-based treatment is progressive loading. There may be many reasons for this. Load may increase the ability or tolerance of the tendon by having an effect on pain mechanisms, tendon tissue function or neuromuscular function. […]

9 tendinopathy truths that you MUST know

There is a lot we do not know about tendinopathy, but there are some inalienable truths that you should know as a clinician and patient. (the references below provide proof). 1) Tendinopathy does not improve with rest The pain may settle but returning to activity is often painful again because rest does nothing to increase the […]

Tendinopathy diagnosis top tips

In this blog I will outline the diagnostic process for tendinopathy. For detailed info and specifics on diagnosis for each lower limb tendon and lots of clinical assessment and management info check out upcoming courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the UK. One of the issues with tendinopathy is that there is limited evidence and […]

Tendinopathy Research Blog – Sept-Dec 2014 part 1

Dear all Has been a while since the last installment and there have been lots of enthusiastic researchers publishing their excellent work – here is some. More to follow in a ‘Christmas Special’, back end of December, as there are lots of other great studies over the last 3 months I would like to include. […]